Our Team

The Director

Guy Henry has over 35 years’ experience in the field of concrete demolition, injection and repair. He’s done countless types of construction, including industrial, commercial, civil and naval. As everything from a specialized day labourer to the company’s general manager, he’s developed unique types of expertise over the years, including the boats used for building Confederation Bridge, linking P.E.I. to the mainland, and remote-controlled demolition robots, to name just a few. He’s also certified in applying specialized protection and waterproofing products.

Guy Henry,
Vice-President of Operations and Director – Concrete Repair

Concrete Refection team
Guy Henry, vice-president operations, Michèle Lebouthillier, project director assistante, Michel Le Houillier, president Not shown on the photo : Daniel Marquis, project manager and estimator and Andréanne Perreault, project manager

The Team

Refection team, is experiment employees in demolition, repairs and reconstruction and also 4 administrative employees. Since 2014, that department has built a great reputation (service and quality) and has earned a phenomenal growth.